Utility Telecom provides businesses with high-quality telecommunication technologies and solutions at affordable prices. No matter how complex or simple your telecommunications needs are, our services are customized specifically to your business to provide solutions that will increase performance and productivity. With over 20 years experience in Telecommunication Solutions we have a distinguished reputation as the provider of high-quality voice and data cabling, fiber optic networking and business telephone systems.

TELECOM Strategy meets Business Goals




Carla Garner
V.P. of Operations
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Jim Smoltz
V.P. of Sales
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Tim Mackin
President & Co-Founder
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President & Co-Founder
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Connecting carriers to clients with no charge to the client.

Products & Services

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Our company believes that developing strategic partnerships helps to magnify and strengthen our business opportunities by creating a competitive advantage in today’s business environment through knowledge, experience and integrity. We have a solid performance reputation in the technology industry for providing excellent service to our clients. Our values are represented by our integrity, thought leadership, and commitment in maintaining a high-level of excellence in the constant evolving world of information technology.

Cloud Services

  • Hosted IP phone systems
  • Cloud Computing
  • Web Hosting
  • BAAS

Data Services

  • SD WAN
  • T1/DS3/SONET
  • MPLS
  • Ethernet
  • Point to Point Circuits
  • Colocation Data Center Hosting

Internet Services

  • T1/DS3
  • Fiber Optic
  • Ethernet
  • DSL
  • Cable
  • Microwave
  • WiMax
  • WiFi
  • Satellite
  • G3/G4 Wireless Aircards

Voice Services

  • PRI/Integrated PRI
  • T1/Integrated T1
  • SIP Trunking
  • Local Services (POTS and Centrex)
  • Long Distance/Toll Free
  • Cellular/Mobile
  • VoIP

Utility Telecom has partnered with a wide array of well respected telecom carriers. We have chosen our carrier partners carefully based on their commitment to customers, along with their quality, reputation and product offerings. We maintain tightly integrated contractual relationships with our carrier partners and trust them to deliver in a manner that keeps our reputation solid.


We will draw from the depth and variety of services offered by our partners to create the best solution for you. We act as your advocate when choosing products, services and negotiating your rates. We remain engaged with your solution throughout implementation and beyond the sale.

In this world of ever growing technology, many business owners simply find a service that works. Some simply pay the bill without a complete understanding as to what they are paying for. That being said, we start by inspect your current bills and educating your leadership. Once your feel confident with your understanding, we can begin to search for areas that savings could be applied. Find a Solution to provide you the maximum cost savings available. Bundle all Services together for you. No more needless hours spent trying to coordinate between multiple providers. We do all the leg work for you.


By working with Utel and its partners, you will save time and money. The time and effort to contact multiple telecom carriers, bring them into your office and explain your situation multiple times, is better served by combining these aspects. While each carrier will eventually come back to you with their best version of a solution, it will be limited to only the services and pricing they offer. When you work with Utel our analysts will explore all of the service offerings and pricing from a multitude of carriers. We will consider all of the current promotions, pricing and products from several carriers and construct an optimum solution. This solution may involve selected services from more than one carrier for from a single source depending on what solution is best for your business.


Your service agreements will be directly with carriers you select. Pricing, installation, billing and support will come directly from the carriers. You will not be billed by Utel. However, we will be involved from start to finish. After the installation of your services we will remain your advocate, willing to help in anyway possible. Utel staff will always be a phone call away.



Utel prides itself on staying engaged and eager to help well beyond the point of sale. Our staff is comprised of seasoned telecommunications professionals. You will have multiple ways to reach your analyst and our support staff. We do not use an automated system that often ends up wasting your time only to forward you to a voice mail box.

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"TELECOM Strategy meets Business Goals"


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